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eCommerce Integration Services for Content Management, Accounts Control, Attributes Control, Payment Processor, Web Page Cache, Products Promotion, Website Promotion, Product Options, Image Control, Product Sales, Website Optimization, Shipping Modules and Administration
ABSTRACT ZONES  Content Management
ACTIVE COUNTRIES  Accounts Control
Abstract Zones - Web Administration
Abstract Zones generates relationships and collections among database entities for online stores, including products, categories, shipping carriers, information pages and product attributes.
From:  $249.00
Active Countries - Online Accounts
The Active Countries module allows configuration of shipping, payment and registration online pages to customers from different countries.
From:  $275.00
ATTRIBUTES ZONES  Attributes Control
Attributes Zones - Online Product Options
The Attributes Zones is a plugin for abstract zones that allows the e-shop administrator to control attributes by creating groups of product options and then apply them to a set of products.
From:  $149.00
Beanstream Payment - Payment Processors
The Beanstream Internet Payment gateway offers online credit card payments and also uses an AVS.
From:  $199.00
CACHE HTML  Web Page Cache
CROSS SELL PRODUCTS  Products Promotion
Cache HTML - Fast Page Loading
Speed up page loading on your site pages with Cache HTML and take advantage of the browser cache. Every time a visitor clicks a page, your store's server is forced to send the content to the client's browser.
From:  $97.00
Cross Sell Products - Online Product Promotion
The Cross Sell Products e-commerce module associates products based on rules the site owner defines from the back end.
From:  $95.00
E-MAIL TEMPLATES  Website Promotion
FORGOTTEN CARTS  Website Promotion
E-Mail Templates - Website Marketing
HTML Email Templates creates easily, professional looking e-mails for e-shops. It utilizes the osCommerce framework by setting up insertion tags with the HTML content in the database or file.
From:  $375.00
Forgotten Carts - Online Sales
The Forgotten Carts e-commerce module is an administrator tool that lists abandoned customer shopping carts and sends emails to register customers reminding them of their cart contents.
From:  $179.00
G-TEXT PAGES  Content Management
GOOGLE IPN  Payment Processor
G-Text Pages - Web Content Structure
The G-Text Pages module enhances your e-commerce store page content allowing the administrator to create general information pages.
From:  $99.00
Google IPN - Payment Processors
Google IPN is an online payment processor where customers can checkout using their Google accounts from your online store.
From:  $127.00
Group Fields for products - Online Product Options
The Product Group Fields e-commerce module targets multiple products which share the same set of product options that can be complex in terms of selection, type and number of associated attribute values.
From:  $499.00
Multi-Level Extra Fields - Online Product Options
The multilevel product extra fields module extends the functionality of products with options for the product information pages of e-commerce stores, when ordering products and during products input/editing from the administration end of your e-commerce store.
From:  $799.00
ORDERS EDITOR  Product Sales
On the Fly Thumbnailer - Fast Page Loading
On the fly thumbnailer, also called OTF, generates smaller images of products in an e-commerce store to reduce the bandwidth consumption when visitors download pages.
From:  $69.00
Orders Editor - Online Sales
The orders editor is an administration tool for e-commerce stores that allows merchants to edit the various fields of orders placed and it performs customer management tasks following order placement.
From:  $169.00
PAYPAL DIRECT  Payment Processor
PAYPAL IPN  Payment Processor
Paypal Direct - Payment Processors
Paypal Direct is an e-commerce module designed for osCommerce and I-Metrics layer. Merchants can accept credit card payment directly into their websites.
From:  $99.00
Paypal IPN - Payment Processors
The Paypal IPN internet processor allows the e-shop owner to receive payments from paypal. Customers are redirected to the paypal web site, where they can pay for their orders.
From:  $99.00
PRICE ZONES  Product Options
PRODUCT FILTERS  Website Optimization
Price Zones - Website Marketing
Many e-commerce stores want to have a different price list for different seasons to increase their marketing campaign, products exposure and attract customers on special occasions.
From:  $119.00
Product Filters - Website Optimization
The products filter module can group and categorize products by a specific type and assist with facet navigation.
From:  $395.00
PRODUCT IMAGES  Products Promotion
SHIPPING ZONES  Shipping Modules
Product Images - Managing Web Images
The product images e-commerce module allows a merchant to assign multiple images to a product. The system incorporates an administrator script where images to products relationships can be defined.
From:  $195.00
Shipping Zones - Shipping Modules
The shipping zones offers the e-commerce store owner additional options to specify shipping costs for each product or to use a common shipping cost to an entire category of products listed on the catalog end.
From:  $125.00
TEXT PAGES SEQUENCER  Content Management
Text Pages Sequencer - Web Content Structure
The page sequencer can group various text pages as an entire topic creating a help selection of contents for eCommerce stores.
From:  $99.00
Total Configuration - Web Administration
The Total Configuration tool allows the ecommerce store owner to view and edit the various configuration switches of the store at a glance.
From:  $19.00
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Our Custom E-Commerce Modules can be integrated with websites to enhance navigation and user experience and simplify administrative operations. Custom E-Commerce Modules include professional e-mail templates, website content management, accounts processing and shipping, payment processors, discount modules and alternative checkout processes. Listed e-commerce modules improve products management by allowing editing of vital e-commerce aspects from the administration panel.