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The product images e-commerce module allows a merchant to assign multiple images to a product. The system incorporates an administrator script where images to products relationships can be defined. The number of images associated with a product can be unlimited. The Product Images module, offers the ability of multiple selection of images to delete, add an alternative title tag for each image, define a sort order of images for the catalog end, as well as setup an image status where the merchant can specify what images should show on the catalog end associated with a product.

By default on the catalog end of the e-shop, these additional product images will show up underneath the main products image. Auto-fit of images is integrated with the system, therefore images may show up in separate rows if they cannot fit under a single one. Upon selection additional images will bring up another page with the selected image, showing up in a magnified state. Custom options are available, for instance a gallery of scrolled images can be defined using a js framework like jQuery. Please specify the custom requirements when ordering this service.

In addition, the product images module assists with SEO of the product pages because the alternative titles specify various keywords as they're associated with each product page.

The product images module can be integrated with the MS2.2 osCommerce framework or with the I-Metrics Layer.

Target:  Products Promotion
Developer:  Asymmetrics
From:  $195.00

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